Nasal Clean ® (Baby Nose Cleaner)



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Keep Your Babies SAFE! Parents Around The World Use This To Keep Their Children SAFE From Suffocation!

HEY PARENTS, looking for the a way to PREVENT mucus build up stopping your baby from breathing?

We have the PERFECT solution for you!

The Nasal Cleaner is a POWERFUL & SAFE solution to clearing your babies nose from STUBBORN mucus build-up.

It's a QUICK & EASY solution to ENSURE that your child can breathe at night or in the day without restrictions.

Traditional methods of infant mucus removal are INEFFECTIVE & DANGEROUS. Using cotton buds actually pushes dirt back into the babies nose. Using mouth suction devices can lead to your child being cross infected & things like tissues can IRRITATE & CHOKE a baby.

THOUSANDS of INFANTS around the world STRUGGLE to sleep due to stuffy noses & keep their parents up all night because of it.

No more STRUGGLING to blow your infants nose in the late hours of the night...Or early hours of the morning. Our Nasal Cleaner is a RELIABLE solution that gives parents PEACE OF MIND.

So what are you waiting for Mom...Dad, No more CRYING babies at 3am because of STUFFY NOSES or daytime temper tantrums because of RUNNY NOSES grab your nasal cleaner NOW!

Main Features

Tip material:Soft silicone suction tips (Made for painless removal)

Age:Suitable for ages 0-6 years old

Cleaning:Fuselage separation for easy cleaning

Settings:5 adjustable settings to ensure you can get the job done